Yes, so the worst had happened. Light went off when you were bathing, light bulb burst in the midst of a birthday party, sparkle and smoke coming out of the electric box when you are about to leave the house, or simply you need a pair of hand and knowledge to install that brand new ceiling fan.


Emergencies happen anytime hence it is always great if someone of related expertise is able to render their help. However, emergency is never a good chance to test water, so what are some of the things one need to take note when contacting an electrician during emergency?


First of all, it is important to know if the electrician has a recognised license. Although having a license does not necessarily mean that one is going to engage a good or monetarily worthwhile service, it is a guarantee that the electrician had acquired an adequate amount of relevant knowledge and experiences and is able to tackle the situation in a lawful manner.


Next, be sure of the emergency. Being sure does not mean you know thoroughly what is happening or what had happened. Sometimes an electric failure or appliance breakdown takes place because of various reasons and even the electrician himself/herself needs to carry out simple informal tests to confirm.


Therefore, being sure in this case is to at least know what had taken place, be it a power cut, product failed to work, or strange noises during use. Also be sure of how long had it happened or a rough idea of events before the emergency happened, the information will help the electrician to fully access what is wrong and how to go about the repair.


Third, in the event when an electric product is involved, please remember to check the warranty of this product. If the product is still within the warranty period, hiring an electrician may not be necessary unless the wiring and electricity within the household or building is affected too. On the other hand, if the product falls out of the warranty period, it will be the user’s choice to decide if he/she will like to engage an electrician to fix the product up.


Last but not least, never be afraid to ask for clarifications. Because the electrician is here to help, hence, take the chance to ask questions related to the emergency which had occurred. Find out ways to prevent similar incidents from happening again. If time permits, one may also choose to obtain opinions or quotes from different electricians, before deciding on one whom fits their needs and budgets.


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