Not known to many but electrician is a highly specialised field due to the nature of the work involved. From small repairs and electric appliances fixation to installation and maintenance within a large premise, these are all umbrella under the job scope of an electrician. This is to why we see certain electricians who work collaboratively while others are independent.


On top of work details, environment is another deciding factor to which specialisation electrician falls into. Industrial electricians will find themselves in manufacturing firms, heavy industries, chemical plants, or energy production sites where massive works are generally involved. Domestic electricians, as the name suggests, will be much involved in household electrical works and strata/ real estate electricians are consider the larger scale of domestic electricians whereby they are responsible for the entire residential area or building.


For commercial electrician, their playgrounds revolve around retail stores, offices, restaurants, and small businesses. As a result, being constantly on the road is part of the requirement for being a commercial electrician. Besides, variety is the other demanding part of this job. Variety here refers to the various area size, voltage, and circumstance that a commercial electrician may find themselves in.


It is likely that a commercial electrician has to get a power plug fix in very minute offices where other people are working at the same time. Sometimes, the distributions of electricity in retails shops and restaurants can be quite different. With lower end voltage for certain office equipments to higher voltage in ventilation, heating, or air conditioning. As a result, it is important for commercial electrician to arm with adequate among of knowledge and is flexible enough to work in all kinds of places with physical limits upon demand.


As the work is diverse, hence, commercial electricians not only possess the relevant years of experiences and know-how but should also hold, one form or another, some kinds of national qualifications, trade memberships, or license as a kind of recognition or reassurance. Generally, a commercial electrician may be part of a larger organisation or they can be independently hired.


It is also not unusual for electricians to collaborate together in completion of a job. This usually happens when the involvement of a particular task gets too large and a team of electricians with different specialisation may actually aid in hastening the overall process.


Nevertheless, while contacting an electrician, remember to ask for their validation and charges, so that your needs are ideally suited.


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