Switchboard Upgrades

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The switchboard is one of the integral components of electrical systems and contemporary home wiring. While older homes had fuse boxes, today’s homes have circuit breakers, which are contained in a switchboard.  Be that as it may, many older homes that have been upgraded would also have a full rewire with a switchboard installed.

Switchboards are available in a vast variety of designs. They can be surface mounted or flush, with transparent, tinted, or fully opaque doors. Their sizes also vary, and the height and the width of the device determine the number of circuit breakers. When it comes to upgrading a switchboard, an electrician must take into account the current electrical rewiring system, any likely requirement for electrical circuits in the future, as well as the siting of the switchboard.

Likewise, it is imperative that the switchboard companies observe all the relevant electrical regulatory requirements.

The process of installing and testing the functioning of a unit may be the same, but the complexity and the time needed can significantly vary. As such, it is advisable to consult an expert who can evaluate your individual situation. With switchboards, there are no exposed wires and hence the risk of fire or electrical shock is minimal. In the case of an overload, a circuit breaker will break the circuit, preventing the appliance that occasioned the overload from overheating and causing an electrical fire. Once the culprit appliance has been unplugged, a simple flip of the switch will reconnect the circuit.

There’s a safety switch that checks the current as it flows by the circuits. If it detects a broken switch or wire, it automatically shuts off the electricity, thereby preventing possible electrocution.  Likewise, it is advisable to regularly press the check button on the safety, just to be sure it is functioning well.

Timeworn switchboards can be hazardous. Thus, you should have them checked by an experienced electrician to ascertain their safety. Electrical switchboard upgrade is such a small investment with massive benefits considering that most modern homes have countless electrical needs. Moreover, with a modern switchboard, you don’t have to worry about your electrical appliances getting damaged in case of any electrical mishap, thanks to the automatic trip facilities and safety switches that cut off current in such situations.

You have every reason to embrace the latest technology by upgrading your electrical switchboard!