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If there is one thing that can really get on your nerves when you are working, then it is recurrent voltage spikes!

Voltage spikes are associated with virtually all the bad things that can happen in a workplace – dwindling profits, loss of crucial data, system downtime, damage of costly equipment, etc.

Surge Protection Sydney

Fortunately, there is an effective solution to this nerve-wrecking problem. You just need to invest in power surge protectors, which will ensure a smooth running of your business. In fact, surge protection is considered as an integral component of risk management the world over.

We have a wide variety of power surge protectors that will safeguard your equipment from sudden surges. Surges normally occur when the power supply in a 230-volt line suddenly rises above 253 volts for a half cycle.

Power surges can be destructive as the internal circuits of your electrical equipment lack the capacity to absorb the high energy rush. In such situation, the mechanism of a power surge protector ensures safety by channelling the extra voltage through earthing or any other means.

Surge protection devices are normally integrated in spike busters. As such, they can easily control the power flow. What’s more, you can plug several electrical appliances into a single surge protection device as they normally have multiple power outlets.

You can’t afford to ignore voltage spikes, unless you want your electrical equipment to suffer a serious damage. Therefore, surge protection is a must for your home or business premises. Our power surge protector services boast the following features:

  • Short-lived voltage surge suppression
  • Available in both single and multiple power outlets
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Automatic power switch-off whenever a device reaches its maximum capacity of protection.
  • Bright indicators to notify you about the status of power supply and also to warn you when the current is out-of-control