Smoke Alarm Installations

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A smoke alarm is an essential in Australia, thanks to the hot and dry climate. As such, most homes and business have invested in one. In fact, the risks of not having a smoke alarm installed are just too high to ignore.

Unfortunately, however, many people install smoke alarms and then leave them to gather dust. It is imperative that you ensure your smoke alarm installation is correctly wired, regularly checked, and remains in good working condition.

As smoke alarm specialists, we have helped countless businesses and homes across Sydney safeguard themselves against the risk of rapidly spreading fire. We have a team of highly trained electricians, one of whom can quickly set up, upgrade, or examine your current smoke alarm.

We know you need peace of mind, and we are committed to providing just that with our top-notch services.

Is your Smoke Alarm Protection Satisfactory?

Having a smoke alarm that does not cover your entire property is as good as having none at all. When it comes to protecting your family and your property against fire, a smoke alarm needs to be:

  • Installed on every floor of your premises.
  • Located outside every sleeping area
  • Suitable for whoever needs it.
  • Positioned in a way that you can clearly hear the siren wherever you are in the house.
  • Positioned away from windy areas, like windows, which normally undermine the system’s sensitivity to smoke.

We have the expertise needed to install smoke alarms that are tailored for your property needs. Hence, you can count on us for maximum protection against fire hazards.