Security lighting refers to illuminations that carry criminal deterring or crime prevention purposes. Often these lightings are installed in areas that are dim or secluded so that any possible intruders are identified immediately or it just simply creates a sense of reassurance for those who happened to be around these quiet areas.


Sometimes, these security lightings are openly displayed while others may be embedded into bushes or trees as part of the environment. Security lighting has been regarded as an addition to the existing surveillance camera or alarm system as statistics had proved that well-lit premises with organised security measures are less likely to attract crime as they expose the criminal prior the event takes place.


Security lighting does come in different forms. For example, the motion activated exterior lights. This is usually installed by owners who do not wish to see unwanted entry into their properties. Such lighting is popular because it does not incur heavy cost on electricity as they are not being turn on until movements are detected. Therefore, the motion activated lighting tends to be found at the entrance, backyard, or near the swimming pool areas which human traffic are expected but not too exposed to rain, sunlight, or snow.


The other kind of commonly seen security lighting will be HID or High Intensity Discharge lighting. As the name suggests, HID gives off strong beams in comparison to other interior or exterior radiances. Hence, HID is best to brighten up spacious, open areas like the carpark, sports stadium, or residential and industrial areas.


Installation of security light is not complicated once the location and wiring are properly sorted. Basically, if the light is to be mounted onto walls or pillars, wires will be run towards the ceiling so as to avoid trip hazard. On the other hand, if the light is to be found within bushes, wires are likely to go underground. In the case of trees, wires will run down the trunk before going underground. Do note that lightings found closer to green will have lower voltage to prevent possible fire hazards.


Furthermore, solar-powered garden lights are growing in popularity as there is no wiring involved and does not add burden to one’s electricity bills. Due to the nature of installation, there are also many Do-It-Yourself kits available in the market for one to just pick and fix. Nevertheless, if you have no prior experience, it is still recommended to consult someone, so that the installed security lights are function appropriately and serving its purpose.


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