Electrical Safety Reports

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We are committed to ensuring that your property is safe from wiring faults, electrocution hazards, and electrical fires. We are fully certified, with premier licenses and the advantage of having insured electrical contractors in every project we handle. This gives us the confidence needed to assess and examine your home in a bid to assure the safety of your property and that of your loved ones at all times.

When it comes to assessing the safety of your property, all we need is the right of entry to the entire property, including the roof and sub-floor units, as well as the switchboard. In fact, the blame will squarely lay on us in case an accident happens just because we ignored some simple tests that would have gone a long way into safeguarding you from potential hazards.

You just can’t afford to ignore these safety reports in light of the fact that you will not only be saving money but also your property and the lives of your loved ones. Moreover, insurance companies can deny claims if faults we’ve tested will be deemed to be the cause of a mishap.

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