Electrical Repair & Maintenance

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We are committed to not only providing excellent electrical services but also saving our clients’ money and time. Our job is to provide you with relevant advice on maintenance and repairs, in a bid to save you money that would otherwise be spent on fixing expensive breakdowns.

Modern switchboards, which replaced the old fuses, have user-friendly circuit breakers and safety switches. You should definitely upgrade to these switchboards, as they’re easy to use and don’t require any tools to turn the power back on. Most importantly, they save lives in light of the fact that they automatically turn the electricity off in the case of any mishap.

If you’re experiencing any inexplicable electrical problem, you don’t have to fret.  We have a reputation in complex fault finding and our experienced electricians are available round-the-clock to solve all your electrical fault problems.

We are a reputable specialist in the following services:

  • Electrical Switchboard upgrades from Fuses
  • Fault finding diagnostics
  • Faulty electrical wiring and electrical circuits
  • Smoke alarm testing
  • Electric hot water repair

If you have any issues with your home or office electrical wiring, we are just a phone call away.