Electrical Fault Finding

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Electrical systems or lights that keep going off can be very frustrating. The worst thing is that faults can come with serious consequences.

Fortunately, electrical faults can be quickly fixed. All you need is some expert help.

We take pride in finding the root of any electrical problem and quickly solving it for businesses and homes across Sydney. Our highly trained, hawk-eyed electricians know exactly where to look so that you can get back to your daily work with minimal disruption and peace of mind, knowing that you are now safe.

What causes Electrical Faults?

Often times, when electrical devices near the end of their life, they just stop working efficiently. In some cases, their wear and tear may expose wires, cause friction, and pose a hazard. Human accidents, like mowing through an electrical cable, can also cause electrical faults.

Here are some types of electrical faults that can occur in a circuit:

  • Open Circuit Fault – When an electricity circuit is broken, electricity flow is interrupted and a fault occurs. These kinds of faults occur as a result of the element burning, a broken wire, a loose connection, or rusting.


  • Short Circuit Fault – When a power supply comes in contact with a live or neutral wire that has no load, a fault can occur due to a blown fuse. These kinds of faults occur when a connection becomes loose or insulation fails.


  • Earth Fault – When an appliance becomes live, this is usually a result of an Earth fault. An earth fault can give you an electric shock and it’s normally as a result of a loose or damaged connection.

If you suspect that you have any of these electrical faults, don’t hesitate to call us. We will investigate the fault and solve it accordingly, ensuring that your family and your property remain safe.