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Halogen downlights are considered as the best lighting option in the market today.

This is largely attributed to the fact that these kinds of light are recessed. They are commonly used in the kitchen, hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, retain bedrooms and bathrooms

Why use halogen downlights?

You can derive many benefits from using halogen downlights in your home:

  • Halogen downlights produce extremely warm light.
  • These lights are dimmable and hence give you ultimate light management abilities.
  • Halogen downlights can establish multiple angle beams, thereby enabling you to regulate how various elements in your house are lit up.
  • With their high ceiling effect, halogen downlights produce an illusion of space, making your room feel bigger.

What to consider when using downlights:

  • When not installed correctly, halogens lights can be a fire hazard. Thus, extra precaution should be taken when installing halogen downlights.
  • Downlights can generate intense heat (even up to 370°C). It is imperative, therefore, that they’re fixed properly, away from ceiling insulations.
  • You can install our special fireguards to work with your downlight system in order to reduce the risk of fires.
  • It is advisable to have your downlights installed by a qualified electrician. You can also have your current downlights examined by a reputable electrician to ensure their safety.

Compared to the ordinary lighting systems, halogen downlights are largely more cost-effective and power-efficient. They are also more durable and use about 80% less amount of energy.

LED Downlights usage is especially energy efficient and longer lasting

Compared to conventional lights, LED downlights produce a lesser amount of heat. As such, they last longer and can help you save lighting costs by up to 90%.

It is also worth noting that downlights are available in a variety of designs and colors to fit your individual needs. In fact, downlights are today’s solution to provide an elegant and modern lighting to our homes.

You can talk to our experienced and friendly electricians to know how best downlights can be installed to add value to your home.