Coming from the Latin word – candelabrum, referring to the multiple arms candle holder, Chandelier is a heavy, round, and wall-dangling light structure which is often elaborated with many ornaments and crystals. Modern Chandeliers are decorated with fluorescent lamps or LED light bulbs and are often found in hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms.


Chandelier had long been associated with the luxury and status because of its elegant yet complex designs. Before the 18th century, only homes of the nobles or rich merchants would be able to afford such sophistications. With the development of glassmaking which proliferated the production of lead crystal and also the widespread use of gas and electricity, chandelier became more common through the 19th century. Currently, chandelier remains popular in two forms – the candle holder mimic or pendulous crystal lightings.


Installing a chandelier may be less complicated than what you may have imagined. Nevertheless, there are still details to pay attention to because of its complexity as compared to normal lighting. The most important step to chandelier installation is to know the weight of the chandelier so that the support is sturdy enough to hold the drooping lights. Normal ceiling mounting boxes are able to suspend structures that are not heavier than 20kg, thus, special brace fan is essential for bulky chandelier.


During installation, there may also be a need to shorten the chain to maintain a certain distant between eye level and the ceiling for aesthetic and safety consideration. Moreover, it is also necessary to thread the wire through all chandelier chains while ensuring its stability at the same time. Therefore, installation usually is a combination effort of two or more people.


Maintaining a chandelier can be a rather challenging task because of the many components that need to be taken care of. Always remember to switch off the light and let the lamp cool down first before cleaning. Depending on the chandelier, some disassembling may be needed while others permit cleaning on the spot. For the former, remember to remove with care and label the parts, so that there will not hassle fixing them back after cleaning.


Besides, use cleaners that are crystal friendly or simply soak the separated parts in warm water with tinge of vinegar to remove any dust or dirt. For the unmovable parts, use moist cloth to wrap across each and every crystal structures. Ensure it is thoroughly dry before turning it on again.


Remember to turn off electricity and check if the bulbs are still connected to live current during chandelier removal. Let the lamp cool down before taking out the light bulbs and following the removal of the structure. If the chandelier is to be used again elsewhere, ensure that all wires and chains are intact and long enough for the next usage.


Due to its complication, it is recommended to have certified specialist or installer to complete the process so that quality of usage will not be compromised.


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