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The Art Of Lighting Design


Lighting has become an inseparable part of our lives since light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in year 1879. As we all know, the primary purpose of lighting is to illuminate an area, so that we do not have to work or live in darkness. As society progresses, lighting has transformed itself from a necessity to arts.


For example, lightings at home may affect its ambience; adding a sense of coziness at night or tinge of warmth during winter. Similarly, lighting impacted businesses as safety is enhanced within a better-lit industrial premise or a restaurant can be made more appealing with nicer beams. As a result, lighting which incorporates or improves overall environment become the key to good installation these days.


However, how good is good? Unfortunately, there may not be a straightforward answer, because like arts, good lighting design can be rather subjective. Nevertheless, a smart installation should embrace the following.


First of all, electricians or light designers did pay attention to the relationship between space and lighting. By space means the area in which the lighting will be used. Some areas where complex tasks are performed, there is a need to employ direct and strong lights, so as to brighten a bigger room yet not putting a burden on bills. On the other hand, in less critical areas, dimer lights may be considered, so that users will not find the area offensive or over-lit, which may hinder day-to-day living and work.


Next, reflect upon the surrounding. Often, lights and reflections from walls, pillars, windows, or furniture could affect the overall lighting of a place. In short, lighting can be direct – as in enabling us to focus our glaze and determine surface textures or facial features. Lighting can also be diffuse, enabling a visual coherence and bland of different environments. Therefore, if a room is filled with darker range of colours, illumination will be absorbed more quickly than in a room filled with brighter range of colours. Hence, diffuse lighting is not encouraged for the former room because it may cause the place to turn even gloomier than it supposed to be.


Last but not least, light colour is also an important component. Bakeries or restaurants never use blue nor purple colour lighting, especially if the lights are shining onto the food because it is human nature to relate cold colour food as poisonous. Thus, yellow or white are often seen in eateries so that it evolves an illusion that the food is fresh from kitchen. Similar ideas applied across different contexts, as colours.


Because of the above deliberation, it is hard not to associate lighting design as an art form by itself. Find out more from experts if you have the intention for some fancy within your area.


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Outdoor Security Lighting And Installation


Security lighting refers to illuminations that carry criminal deterring or crime prevention purposes. Often these lightings are installed in areas that are dim or secluded so that any possible intruders are identified immediately or it just simply creates a sense of reassurance for those who happened to be around these quiet areas.


Sometimes, these security lightings are openly displayed while others may be embedded into bushes or trees as part of the environment. Security lighting has been regarded as an addition to the existing surveillance camera or alarm system as statistics had proved that well-lit premises with organised security measures are less likely to attract crime as they expose the criminal prior the event takes place.


Security lighting does come in different forms. For example, the motion activated exterior lights. This is usually installed by owners who do not wish to see unwanted entry into their properties. Such lighting is popular because it does not incur heavy cost on electricity as they are not being turn on until movements are detected. Therefore, the motion activated lighting tends to be found at the entrance, backyard, or near the swimming pool areas which human traffic are expected but not too exposed to rain, sunlight, or snow.


The other kind of commonly seen security lighting will be HID or High Intensity Discharge lighting. As the name suggests, HID gives off strong beams in comparison to other interior or exterior radiances. Hence, HID is best to brighten up spacious, open areas like the carpark, sports stadium, or residential and industrial areas.


Installation of security light is not complicated once the location and wiring are properly sorted. Basically, if the light is to be mounted onto walls or pillars, wires will be run towards the ceiling so as to avoid trip hazard. On the other hand, if the light is to be found within bushes, wires are likely to go underground. In the case of trees, wires will run down the trunk before going underground. Do note that lightings found closer to green will have lower voltage to prevent possible fire hazards.


Furthermore, solar-powered garden lights are growing in popularity as there is no wiring involved and does not add burden to one’s electricity bills. Due to the nature of installation, there are also many Do-It-Yourself kits available in the market for one to just pick and fix. Nevertheless, if you have no prior experience, it is still recommended to consult someone, so that the installed security lights are function appropriately and serving its purpose.


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Chandelier Installation, Maintenance And Removal


Coming from the Latin word – candelabrum, referring to the multiple arms candle holder, Chandelier is a heavy, round, and wall-dangling light structure which is often elaborated with many ornaments and crystals. Modern Chandeliers are decorated with fluorescent lamps or LED light bulbs and are often found in hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms.


Chandelier had long been associated with the luxury and status because of its elegant yet complex designs. Before the 18th century, only homes of the nobles or rich merchants would be able to afford such sophistications. With the development of glassmaking which proliferated the production of lead crystal and also the widespread use of gas and electricity, chandelier became more common through the 19th century. Currently, chandelier remains popular in two forms – the candle holder mimic or pendulous crystal lightings.


Installing a chandelier may be less complicated than what you may have imagined. Nevertheless, there are still details to pay attention to because of its complexity as compared to normal lighting. The most important step to chandelier installation is to know the weight of the chandelier so that the support is sturdy enough to hold the drooping lights. Normal ceiling mounting boxes are able to suspend structures that are not heavier than 20kg, thus, special brace fan is essential for bulky chandelier.


During installation, there may also be a need to shorten the chain to maintain a certain distant between eye level and the ceiling for aesthetic and safety consideration. Moreover, it is also necessary to thread the wire through all chandelier chains while ensuring its stability at the same time. Therefore, installation usually is a combination effort of two or more people.


Maintaining a chandelier can be a rather challenging task because of the many components that need to be taken care of. Always remember to switch off the light and let the lamp cool down first before cleaning. Depending on the chandelier, some disassembling may be needed while others permit cleaning on the spot. For the former, remember to remove with care and label the parts, so that there will not hassle fixing them back after cleaning.


Besides, use cleaners that are crystal friendly or simply soak the separated parts in warm water with tinge of vinegar to remove any dust or dirt. For the unmovable parts, use moist cloth to wrap across each and every crystal structures. Ensure it is thoroughly dry before turning it on again.


Remember to turn off electricity and check if the bulbs are still connected to live current during chandelier removal. Let the lamp cool down before taking out the light bulbs and following the removal of the structure. If the chandelier is to be used again elsewhere, ensure that all wires and chains are intact and long enough for the next usage.


Due to its complication, it is recommended to have certified specialist or installer to complete the process so that quality of usage will not be compromised.


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Smoke Alarm Installation


A light-emitting diode or LED is a kind of crystalline or amorphous solid that has electrical properties and can be acted as a light source through a process called electroluminescence. LED is widely employed in numerous areas ranging from domestic to industries. On top of being a kind of illumination, LEDs are also used as visual indicators in conveying messages as in the case of traffic lights. Furthermore, LEDs are often involved in signal transmission such as data communication between fiber optic cables.


Most people started using LED because they are trying to save the amount of electricity consumption at home or in workplace. By saving energy also means to reduce electricity bills. This is to why LED is more popular than halogen bulbs as they are able to give off stronger beam at a lower cost. Normally, a LED light which is equivalent to a 50-watt halogen bulb will only burn off about six to seven watts. Even though the purchase and installation of LED cost a lot higher than a halogen bulb, it is actually more economically viable in the long run.


Besides, LED is longer lasting than halogen bulbs. A 30 US dollar LED light will last for several years as compared to a three-dollar halogen bulb which at most runs for six months depending on how often it is being used. LED also does not give off as much as heat as compared to halogen bulb, minimising the possibility of a fire hazard when overuse.


Basically, LED comes in three tones – the warm, neutral, or cool, simulating actual lighting. While getting a LED light to replace the old halogen bulb, one needs to ensure several things. First of all, ensure that the LED bulb has the right base fitting and it is able to fit into the existing circuit without interfering other electrical appliances. Examine the sizes of the original bulb, some LED may by of a bigger size than the current bulb.


Next, Identify the wattage of the bulb and rating of the transformer that one is using at the moment. Transformer rating tells us the maximum and minimum loading which signifies how many wattage of LED bulb you should be looking out for. In the case if transformer is required, look out for those that are equal or above the sum of the wattage rating of all the lights on the same circuit.


Last but not least, it is possible to have LED and halogen bulbs within the same light structure (i.e., chandelier) as long as the overall wattage does not exceed the maximum load in which the product can carry. Old halogen bulbs do contain a certain amount of mercury; thus it is recommended to dispose them back to the retailer or at other proper outlets.


LED is getting more and more popular so if you not in the line, probably you can give it a short today.


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Home Electrical Inspections


Ideally, home electrical inspection is expected when one had just bought a new property, before selling their properties, began renting a property, or simple unsure and worry that the electrical systems within their properties are not safe or inappropriate for safe usage. Unfortunately, not many people actually realised the importance of such inspections. As a result, signs indicating a possible electrical fault are ignored and often, actions are only taken when there is an actual electrical failure.


All electrical systems and installations deteriorate over time and with constant use. Therefore, failure to get a proper and regular electrical inspection may result in high bills, electric shock, or fire. During the checks, electricians actually examined, not only the electrical system, but the entire compound. First and foremost, the wiring within the premise will be inspected. Any underuse or overuse of electrical circuits and equipments will be identified. Such identifications will aid in finding potential electric shock or fire hazards.


Next, several electrical appliances will be singled out and individually inspected. These appliances tend to be air-conditioner, fridge, lights, and televisions because they are regarded as more important due to frequent usage and they are likely to be the ones which consumed more electricity. At the stage, the earthing within the electrical appliance or its bonding with the premise’s electrical system will be examined and compromise will be highlighted immediately.


On top of inspections, it is also highly encouraged for owners to raise any concern or report about their day-to-day electricity usage. For examples, owners can illustrate the kind of electrical appliances that they will use on a daily basis and if necessary, require the electrician to have a quick check on these appliances and see if they are properly integrated into the overall electrical system. On the other hand, owners can also report on any abnormalities that they had experienced since the last inspection, incidences such as sudden power failure or trip of circuit breaker. Therefore, an inspection is never a one-sided task, it should be an active interaction between owners and electrician.


It is also essential for the inspection to include metal erosion checks and identifications and fixation of wrong connections. In general, the price of inspection depends largely on the area of the premise, the complexity of the existing electrical systems, any involvement of other services apart from check, and additional storage of items. After each check, an electrical condition report will be issued detailing the items that had been inspected, possible changes made, and recommended date for the next inspection.


Remember, a simple check goes a long way. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek enquiries, ask questions, and make necessary comparison between service providers. Ensure that you are choosing a qualified electrician who is adequate in carrying out a proper job.


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The Understanding Of Electrical Wiring Systems


Theoretically, electrical wiring system is not something that can be understood overnight. Sometimes, even experienced and licensed electricians need time to figure out proper ways to do so because of its complexity and also the challenges posed by the environment where the wires are going to lie.


Basically, electrical wiring systems refers to the appropriate distribution of power within an area via the use of different wires, so that electricity is economically delivered and electrical appliances are adequately conducted and work at their optimal manner.


In simple terms, the understanding of electrical wiring systems can be divided into three parts. First, one need to know the various wires out there. Often, there is a live wire which usually coded in red/brown/black depending on the country that is using the wire. Then there is the neutral wire which comes in blue/white, follows by the earth wire, which is mostly in green or yellow-green stripes.


In most incidences, the live wire carries the high voltage and is used for transporting electricity supply from the source to the end product. While the neutral wire is present to complete the circuit and earth wire exists as a form of safety measure to stop an appliance from going to live.


The second thing one needs to know about electrical wiring system is its safety codes. Safety codes are meant to protect one from getting an electric shock or prevent items from catching fire. Different countries have their unique safety codes but generally these codes set the national standard for wiring and cabling, standardised electrical symbols for wiring, and reinforce certain safety measures related to wiring systems.


Third and most importantly, the types of wiring systems. The most straightforward kind of wiring is cleat wiring, whereby plastic cleats are fixed at a consistent interval as the wires stretch out from the source to the various appliances. In Casing and capping wiring, a wood casing and cap are used instead. The casing is designed in such a way that it needs a fixed length with parallel grooves to accommodate the cables and the accompanying cap will ensure that the grooves are tidily covered.


In conduit wiring, plastic or steel conduit pipes are employed to shield the wires and if it happens that these conduit pipes run on surface of walls and ceilings, they will be known as the surface conduit wiring.


On top of the three parts mentioned above, there are still many details that electrical wiring involved. Do consult an expert if you will like to find out more.


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Electrical Faults


In the world of electricity, fault refers to any abnormality that occurs to the electric current. Be it difficulty in flowing, overflowing, or underflowing can all be classified as an electric fault. Regardless of a short circuit whereby the current which flows through exceed the amount that the system can hold or open circuit when no current can flow through, an electrical fault poses danger to a certain extent.


This is because the fault will minimise insulation between conductor and the earth wire, increasing the chances of a failure or electrocution. An electrical fault can also cause harm to electrical appliances as the often loss or increase in flowing voltage will reduce their overall life span.


Specifically, an electrical fault can be commonly classified as an open circuit fault, in which there is a leak or damage within the electric circuit, which impacted the smooth flow of current from one end to the other. The cause of such fault is often resulted from broken wire, burnt element within the circuit, wear and tear, or loosening of connection.


The other kind of more frequently experienced fault is short circuit fault. It occurs when the power supply is connected to a live or neutral wire which has no load. This happens when the fuse has blown or there is an insulation failure. The last kind being earth fault whereby an electric appliance become live on its own. Such fault is most dangerous as it is likely to cause an electric shock and is normally a result of damaged connection.


In general, when an electric appliance is towards the end of its live, faults are more likely to occur as they simply stop functioning in the right manner. Occasionally, wear and tear or overuse may also create friction that pose hidden hazards. Other times, an electric fault may be a result of carelessness such as spilling a glass of water or mowing through an electrical cable. Weather conditions like lighting, heavy rain or snow may also have an impact on the electric system, resulting in faults.


Electric fault finding is never a complicated process because by the time it happens, it is likely that certain appliances are not working or electricity within a premise is interrupted. If a certain device is not working, isolate it by turning it off, make changes to the bulb or socket that it is attached too. If both do not work, try placing it on a different power circuit or changing its plug or fuse. If nothing works, it is likely that the appliance itself is faulty.


For dead circuits, make sure that all main switches are turn off before working on the check. After which, proceed to see if a trip has occurred. If so, reset it, if trip happens again, check if it is caused by any electric appliance or circuit. Meanwhile, find out from your neighbour if they experience similar problem too. Often overloading may also cause a power failure, thus, ensure that no overuse of electricity or appliance within the premise to see if it improves the situation.


Do not ever make adverse attempt on the electric systems or units when unsure, make an effort to consult a qualified electrician who can render professional help.


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What Is Commercial Electrician?


Not known to many but electrician is a highly specialised field due to the nature of the work involved. From small repairs and electric appliances fixation to installation and maintenance within a large premise, these are all umbrella under the job scope of an electrician. This is to why we see certain electricians who work collaboratively while others are independent.


On top of work details, environment is another deciding factor to which specialisation electrician falls into. Industrial electricians will find themselves in manufacturing firms, heavy industries, chemical plants, or energy production sites where massive works are generally involved. Domestic electricians, as the name suggests, will be much involved in household electrical works and strata/ real estate electricians are consider the larger scale of domestic electricians whereby they are responsible for the entire residential area or building.


For commercial electrician, their playgrounds revolve around retail stores, offices, restaurants, and small businesses. As a result, being constantly on the road is part of the requirement for being a commercial electrician. Besides, variety is the other demanding part of this job. Variety here refers to the various area size, voltage, and circumstance that a commercial electrician may find themselves in.


It is likely that a commercial electrician has to get a power plug fix in very minute offices where other people are working at the same time. Sometimes, the distributions of electricity in retails shops and restaurants can be quite different. With lower end voltage for certain office equipments to higher voltage in ventilation, heating, or air conditioning. As a result, it is important for commercial electrician to arm with adequate among of knowledge and is flexible enough to work in all kinds of places with physical limits upon demand.


As the work is diverse, hence, commercial electricians not only possess the relevant years of experiences and know-how but should also hold, one form or another, some kinds of national qualifications, trade memberships, or license as a kind of recognition or reassurance. Generally, a commercial electrician may be part of a larger organisation or they can be independently hired.


It is also not unusual for electricians to collaborate together in completion of a job. This usually happens when the involvement of a particular task gets too large and a team of electricians with different specialisation may actually aid in hastening the overall process.


Nevertheless, while contacting an electrician, remember to ask for their validation and charges, so that your needs are ideally suited.


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What You Need To Know When Finding An Emergency Electrician


Yes, so the worst had happened. Light went off when you were bathing, light bulb burst in the midst of a birthday party, sparkle and smoke coming out of the electric box when you are about to leave the house, or simply you need a pair of hand and knowledge to install that brand new ceiling fan.


Emergencies happen anytime hence it is always great if someone of related expertise is able to render their help. However, emergency is never a good chance to test water, so what are some of the things one need to take note when contacting an electrician during emergency?


First of all, it is important to know if the electrician has a recognised license. Although having a license does not necessarily mean that one is going to engage a good or monetarily worthwhile service, it is a guarantee that the electrician had acquired an adequate amount of relevant knowledge and experiences and is able to tackle the situation in a lawful manner.


Next, be sure of the emergency. Being sure does not mean you know thoroughly what is happening or what had happened. Sometimes an electric failure or appliance breakdown takes place because of various reasons and even the electrician himself/herself needs to carry out simple informal tests to confirm.


Therefore, being sure in this case is to at least know what had taken place, be it a power cut, product failed to work, or strange noises during use. Also be sure of how long had it happened or a rough idea of events before the emergency happened, the information will help the electrician to fully access what is wrong and how to go about the repair.


Third, in the event when an electric product is involved, please remember to check the warranty of this product. If the product is still within the warranty period, hiring an electrician may not be necessary unless the wiring and electricity within the household or building is affected too. On the other hand, if the product falls out of the warranty period, it will be the user’s choice to decide if he/she will like to engage an electrician to fix the product up.


Last but not least, never be afraid to ask for clarifications. Because the electrician is here to help, hence, take the chance to ask questions related to the emergency which had occurred. Find out ways to prevent similar incidents from happening again. If time permits, one may also choose to obtain opinions or quotes from different electricians, before deciding on one whom fits their needs and budgets.


Be sure to contact Serious Electricians for all your residential and commercial electrical needs. From GPO, security, lighting, cabling or complete electrical wiring fitout, our Sydney team can help you. Contact us on 8091 2343 for a competitive quote today. Serious Electricians at Seriously Good Prices.

Pros And Cons Of Dimmer Switches


It is hard to forget dimmer whenever switch is mentioned. Seeing as an additional component to existing light switches, dimmer allows users to make adjustment to the brightness of lighting by manual alteration.


Like light switches, dimmer switches also come in various style and designs, to blend into the deco of different homes and premises while satisfying the needs of users. First, there is the rocker style dimmer switch. With white, sleek, and elongated body, rocker style dimmer switch looks like an extended version of the existing light switch, except that it is lengthier. One may not even notice that it is a dimmer switch if they do not pay close attention.


As a result, rocker style is often known for its close-match to normal rectangular home switch. Moreover, such dimmer switch is also extremely durable, with preset brightness level available, so that one can just turn on at ease, without worrying about the suitable brightness each time. However, it is because of such subtle change that it is hard for one to spot the change in brightness and the present of minute lever also makes it challenging for one to adjust to the level ideal for them.


Next, there is the slide style with switch. It is relatively easier to use as compared to rocker style because of the tiny handle available for one to adjust the brightness accordingly. Once the handle is set at a position which users find appropriate, they can restore to the small switch above the handle to turn on and off the light. This is to ensure that the users are able to be at their preferred brightness every time they turn on the light. Unfortunately, this two-set design is not very well received.


Third, the electronic dimmer. It is the smartest of all dimmer switch and popularly use in staircase whereby brightness at the top and bottom of the stairs can be adjusted at once since most electronic dimmers are able to have control points of a three-way circuit. As they are wireless, electronic dimmer can be regulated via mobile phone or internet. There is no need for users to be on site to have command it. Besides, electronic dimmer is also capable of having fade on and fade off functions, to add tinges of drama to the existing lighting.


In summary, people choose to use dimmer switch because it is energy saving and cost efficient. Making a room less bright will actually help users to save up to 90 percent of electric bill, as the amount of electricity is greatly reduced. With the existence of a dimmer, users can also have a greater say to enhance or minimise illumination in which part of the premise. A dimmer will also elongate the lifespan of bulb, even if the lights are being dimmed at its minimal. Since they embed so many advantages, why not consider a change today?


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